Remind Maintenance

Due to the volume of responses I am receiving for Remind messages, we need to go over some items:

-To remove yourself from Remind, reply to any message with “@LEAVE” (no quotation marks)

-Former band members and former band parents: in previous years, I would automatically remove you from Remind. Many people have asked to stay so you will need to remove yourself this year if you no longer want to receive messages.

-If you get a new phone number; PLEASE REMOVE YOURSELF FROM REMIND ON THE OLD NUMBER FIRST if possible! I receive many many many complaint messages from people who have your old numbers. It is also difficult for me to send targeted messages because your name could be entered several times in the system and I won’t know which is current. This can be resolved by using the Remind app or email vs text messages.

Hershey Update 2/21/19

Payment #2 is due tomorrow! Please make sure this payment is turned in ON TIME! We have many payments still missing. Payments can be made via cash, check, or on this website (click “trips”, then “Hershey”, then scroll down to the trip payment button).

Many of you did not sign up for a room or bus, so we did the best that we could. If you have a concern or question about your room or your bus, please send an email or a message on Remind asking me NICELY to look into it. I may not be able to make a change for you, but I will do my best. Please do not send me angry complaints. Kindness goes a long way! Rooms/bus lists are on this website (click “trips”, then “Hershey”).

Spaghetti Dinner
Remember that you need to get your tickets sold. I will be taking a count tomorrow to see how many tickets (of which type) have been sold.

Remind Users with Verizon (1/15/18)

If you do not have Verizon, you do not need to read the rest of this update:

At the end of this month Verizon users will no longer be able to receive messages from Remind. This will not only affect this group, but all of your other classes/groups that use Remind. Verizon is trying to stop customers from receiving mass text messages from spammers, but in the process this has also blocked Remind because it is a mass text messaging system. In order to still get communication from Remind, you will need to either download the Remind app from the App Store (iOS), or the Google Play Store (Android), or, sign into the Remind website and sign up for email notifications. I do not believe that I will see communication from you unless it comes from the Remind app or email.

Band Banquet Details

We have reached the end of our regular season and it is time for our annual Harvey Band Banquet. This year, the Banquet will be held at Quail Hollow Resort on Tuesday, November 6th in the ballroom at 6pm. Due to the size of the band this year, both Harvey and Quail Hollow are unable to accommodate more than 320 total people. Due to the limited capacity, we are imposing the following criteria:

  • If you have not registered for the banquet yet, you are now unable to attend. We gave multiple opportunities and contacted every person that was not registered, in an attempt to get you to register so we could figure out numbers. Please remember to register next year when asked.

  • The number of guests you may bring has been limited to 2 if you indicated that you were bringing guests on the registration form. For example: if you requested 34 guests, you may now only bring 2.
    If you indicated that you were bringing 1 or 0 guests; that is the number we planned for. Please do not add people because there will not be room for them. Tables will be assigned for the amount of guests you requested (up to 2).

    • We realize this may be an inconvenience for some families. We will do our best to see what we can do for the banquet next year to increase our capacity.

In order for this to be a fantastic celebration, we need everyone to pitch in!  Each section will be assigned food to bring.  Remember, we have 170 band members and with families in attendance, we will need food for approximately 330 people!  This means that EVERYONE must contribute food to share.  Please bring enough for at least 15-20 portions. We are requesting that the sections below bring the following food:
(I was asked if people could bring other dishes or desserts in addition to their assigned food. Yes please)

Main Dish (Chicken, tamales, pulled pork, casseroles with meat, pasta dishes, chili, etc.)

  • Flutes/Clarinet

  • Field Commanders

Side Dish (pasta salad, potato salad, coleslaw, mac’n’cheese, casseroles, veggie tray, dips and chips, etc.)

  • Trumpets

  • Band Aids 

Dessert (cookies, cupcakes, cheesecake, etc.)

  • Saxophone/Mellophones

  • Dance

  • Flag

  • Directors

Drinks (in bottles) (pop, water, gatorade, lemonade, iced tea, etc.)

  • Low Brass

  • Percussion

We have chosen to have the banquet at an outside venue this year. You are high-quality performers and you deserve a high-quality venue to show our appreciate for your work. This is a formal event (Dress your best. Tuxedos or something of that level are encouraged) and the Harvey Jazz Ensemble will be our entertainment for the evening.

Quail Hollow is located at:
11080 Concord Hambden Rd.
Concord, Ohio 44077

The ballroom is on the 3rd floor. When you arrive, immediately turn right and drive up the hill to park in the upper parking lot.

Please arrive before 6pm with your food so we can set up in time to start by 6pm!

Band Banquet 2018/Cavs

Please add the following dates to your schedule:

Cavs Rehearsal: MondayNovember 5th/November 12th immediately after school in the gym.
Band Banquet: Tuesday November 6th @6pm (location TBA)
Cavs Game: November 13th- 4pm Call Time.

Please register for the Band Banquet here. You must register for you and your family in order to attend the banquet! We are trying to make this a formal event at a separate location and have a limit on the amount of guests that attend.

Week 10 Information

Costume Party
It’s party time! Tomorrow we will meet to practice and then transition into our annual Costume Party in the Band Room. Please make sure you are wearing appropriate costumes.
As always, we are requesting that you bring a dessert of some sort. Last year you all did a very good job with the desserts. Boosters will be providing the main dish.

We will not be wearing uniforms this Friday. We are wearing costumes to the game, so please make sure you are checking the temperature for Friday. If you have not returned your uniforms yet, please make sure you bring them to school tomorrow. This includes the warm-ups for flag, dance, and majorettes.

Field Commander Applications
Field commander applications are due this Friday. We currently have three openings. Here are some of the qualities we are taking into consideration:

Number of years in band, squad leader, band attendance, school attendance, activities that would interfere with band (nothing against being involved), organizational skills, leadership ability, behavior, academic progress, interactions with others in band, willingness to spend the month of July working on band, musical ability.

Cavs Game
If you haven’t turned in your money for the Cavs game; we need you to do so ASAP!

Next 2 Weeks (1st Home Game/Drum Event/8th Grade Band Night)

Practice Thursday
Please don't miss practice Thursday from 5pm-8pm! We need to finish pre-game and work on finishing touches for the show Friday! 

Please do not forget to bring a dessert to be shared by the Riverside Band and our Band! They were kind enough to provide a ton of food for us when we played at their school last year. We will be doing the same this year. Please bring (preferably make) a dessert. Options include, but are not limited to: cookies, cupcakes, cake pops, pre-cut cake, etc. Do not show up with a bag of fruit snacks or chips. 
Squad leaders will report to me who did not bring a dessert. Don't be that person. 

Am I really writing about chips?
Since many of you in 6° were so passionate about bringing chips, I will clarify. We want to provide the other band (and you) with something we don't offer at the concessions stand. If they (or you) want chips or any other type of food that isn't a dessert, we want it to be purchased at the concessions stand, which is the primary source of income for our band! We don't want to take away from our concessions because of your love for chips. Show your love by purchasing them at the concessions stand. 

First Game Friday! Call Time = 4:30pm
Black socks, black band shoes, black shirt under your uniform! 
Monday (9/10)
8th Grade Band Night Rehearsal #1. IF you have an athletic event that will prohibit you from being at practice Monday or Thursday please let me know so I can make sure you aren't a squad leader. If you have a preference for an 8th grade squadling, I need to know by Friday. 

Wednesday (9/12)
We are all (the entire band) performing for all of the 5th Grade PCLS students from 9am-11:50am. If you are an Auburn student please let me know so I can inform the attendance office.

Drumline Event
The Drumline is performing at the Captains stadium on Wednesday 9/12. You are encouraged to go support them! I need to know who is going to attend at practice tomorrow (9/6) so we can get the proper number of busses. Call time will be 3:45pm. 

Thursday (9/13)
8th Grade Band Night Practice #2 5pm-7pm

Friday (9/14)
8th Grade Band Night! Call time =4:30pm

New Home
Take a look at the picture below. Welcome to your new home in the end zone! 
Thank you: Adam, Adan, Cameron, Dominic, Evelyn, Francisco, Jaylin A, Pedro T., and Semaje for helping us move those heavy stands in the heat today! It was horrible, but we got them done!


August 8, 2018

Monday 8/13/2018
We have practice today at 5pm. Please arrive ON TIME (even if you play trombone and you play girls soccer). We are getting better at this but still have work to do. We need to have the whole show on the field with music TODAY so every second counts.

If you have a duffle bag still BRING IT TO PRACTICE TODAY! We have to get them cleaned and the logos re-heated and back to us BEFORE our first game next week! I shouldn't see you walking around the town with them (D.M-O.)  

I figured out who left the tuba out. During band camp your sectional leader left one of the old ones in the classroom you were using and someone dropped it off in the band room last week. It's ok though, I accept your apology for over-reacting :) 

Thursday 8/16/2018
Everything that I mentioned for Monday goes for today as well!
Monday 8/20/2018
Parent Meet @ 7pm in the Harvey Auditorium. We need everyone to attend this meeting. We have many things to cover including, but not limited to: uniforms, equipment, volunteer and chaperone opportunities, and concessions. 

Monday practice will still be happening during this meeting! 

Friday 8/24/2018
It's time for the Chestnut Pride Assembly again! I will call you down at 8:30am (the middle of 2°). Do not ask to come down early and help. If you go to Auburn, please let me know ahead of time so I can let Mrs. Szoka know to excuse you for the morning. 

In addition to Chestnut; it's our first game! Call time is 4:30pm. Uniform TBA. 



Week of Meet the Raiders!

Meet the Raiders Week

It is extremely important that EVERYONE is at practice ON TIME Monday!!! We are performing part of our show at Meet the Raiders THIS WEDNESDAY! Squad leaders and Section leaders, please make sure you have communicated this with your squads. 

Meet the Raiders (Wednesday)
Call time = 4:00 PM
This is the first preview the public will get of our 2018 show. It should be obvious, but I will type it anyway; We need everyone to be here to perform at Meet the Raiders! Again, work is not an excuse! You should have told your employers about this ahead of time! If you need another schedule, go to
   If you play sports, you will go to Rec Park with the band because we are first on the program. You may wear the uniform for your teams, but you need to have the uniform before we get to Rec park. You will not have time to change before we perform. You may sit with your teams after the band performs. You will ride the busses back to Harvey with the band. Do not ask to go with your teams and do not ask if you can go home from the stadium. 

Captains Follow-up
Great job yesterday! You represented your school and your community very well! Take a look at this email from our Captains representative. I should have pictures posted this weekend.



Captains Game Update

Please remember that this is a Marching Band Performance and all band members are expected to attend our performances unless you have spoken to a director about why you cannot attend. Many of you I did not see at practice Monday and I am sure you actually plan on going. Please look at this list and if your name is under "not going" let me know that you plan on going and will have money for me at Thursday practice. This is very important for us to have accurate numbers! There is no reason that almost HALF of the band should not be there. 

Some of you forgot money at practice Monday. Please check this list to see and make sure you bring your money Thursday.

CALL TIME IS 4:30PM!!!! We need to practice before we leave!                 


I understand that on Monday there were a lot of absences due to sports. Girls Soccer and Volley will no longer have ANY conflicts. I am working on Boys Soccer. As for anyone else that missed; you need to let us know ahead of time before you miss and we will let you know if it is a valid excuse or not. You have had your schedules for months at this point and it is your responsibility to have given it to your employer.

If you are a part of this band then you need to be committed to our practices and performances. When you miss there are holes in the drill and you miss valuable information. We are only as strong as our weakest link! You become a weaker link when you miss practice and that is not fair to the rest of the band. If you want to be the best, then you need to put in work to be the best. Don't depend on other people to do the hard work for you! Please review our attendance policy in your handbooks.

We also need you to be here on time! We have students riding their bikes from Perry who make it here early so there is no reason why you should be late unless you have informed a director...especially if you live down the road from the school.

Tuesday, July 24th

Lake County Fair Parade 
The Lake County Fair Parade was AWESOME today! Even when it started raining in the end. Great job Aux!! I will have pictures posted soon! 

Thursday Games/Cookout
Thursday Johnathan will be grilling out for the band (R.I.P.) ! We will have main dishes. Please bring a side dish or a dessert for the band! We want to have a nice meal for everyone! 
Dress in clothes that can get messy! 


Band Camp Week of 7/23

Band Camp is Monday through Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm. If you are in sports, you are to report to band. I discussed band camp with all of your coaches and moved it to this week in order to avoid all athletic conflicts. You also should have made accommodations at this point for work. 

Please be on time for breakfast and attendance tomorrow morning at 8:30am! It is important that you eat breakfast. 

The weather does not look favorable at all times this week so we will need to maximize our outside time. As long is there is no lightning, we will be outside. Please dress accordingly! 

You all need to WEAR SHOES! No sandals! Stay hydrated. 

Aux and volunteers: at this point, I anticipate that the parade will be cancelled unless the weather changes. 

Games have been moved to Thursday. 

Don't forget picture day and practice at Rec Park! The times for this may be adjusted for weather.
The pool party is still scheduled for Friday night.  

Rehearsal #1

First Summer Rehearsal
June 25th from 5pm-8pm

Tomorrow (6/25/18) is our first summer rehearsal.
All Aux members (percussion, dance, flag, majorette, and field commanders) are required to attend.  

-We are beginning Tuba lessons tomorrow for new tuba players. 

-If you still haven't picked up your Disney DVD (only 10 people have), you can stop by the band room between 5pm and 8pm.

-Lastly, if you are just bored and not doing anything and band is life, you are welcome to stop by AND HELP (not just sit around) with whatever we need. There will be plenty to do Monday and even more Thursday. 

        Even better if you bring a dessert for the group (extra points if it's home-made) or posole verde (not rojo)

Please pass this along to everyone you know that should be attending this rehearsal! 


Disney Update 4/21/2018

Magic Bands
Wear your Magic Bands this week to show your Disney Spirit! I, and the other people on #TeamGrayBand (I don't know how hashtags work but it sounded cool) already planned to wear them because gray is the best color. The others are ok...I guess :) 

I still have Magic Bands for the following
Englehart, Anika | Flores-Torres, Wendy | Gonzalez, Elvia | Guillen, Jessenia | Hill, Dearien | Rojas, Pedro ($) | White, Nathan

-TUESDAY, April 24h from 5pm to 8pm is our final rehearsal/memorization check. Please make sure you are present. We have some other items to address as well. 

As you pack, prepare to bring extra clothes in the bag you will carry in the parks. I say this because last year I was wearing white shorts at the Cincinnati Zoo and sat in chocolate ice cream someone dropped in my chair. Luckily I had extra shorts...
I highly recommend bringing money to get a locker each day to hold your belongings. 

Luggage Drop-Off/Inspection + Medicine Drop-Off
-WEDNESDAY, April 25th
Monsters Inc. Bus is at 6:00pm
The Incredibles Bus is at 6:30pm
-Please do not arrive late. We have 100 (x3) bags and items to get inspected in one hour. 
-If you have medication, please bring it to the luggage check and give it to Mrs. Sell (school nurse).
-Please do not forget BLACK SHIRTS and BLACK SOCKS for your uniforms. We will check for this Wednesday night.
-We will give you gloves at the luggage drop-off. 

Thursday Morning
-YOU MUST GO TO YOUR 1° and 2° classes! 
-The attendance office has a list of Disney students and will not allow you to enter the building late!
You cannot help me Thursday morning. 
-If you aide for me 1°, you will go to the library Thursday morning. 

-You must be in Academic Dress.
You can change on your way to the auditorium 3°.
This is not as big of a deal as some of you are making it.
The administration does not want you to disrupt and distract everyone else. 
I have heard some of you planning on not following this rule already: 
"I'm wearing leggings, they won't even notice"
Stop. Just do what you are supposed to do; seriously. Don't be a hero.

Also, you are not permitted to skip your regularly scheduled 1° and 2° classes to go anywhere else. I am going to run an attendance report in IC each period to make sure you are following my instructions. 
This especially includes you P.R. , D.M-O. , D.G. , and L.S-H. (if you think I am referring to you, I am)

Lastly, I STILL have not received forms from the following individuals:
Begay, Cheyenne | Bucher, Jasmine | Carlisle, Charles | Pacheco, Jonathan | Raimey, Emily | Raimey, Kelsey | Soto-Hernandez, Luz | Vargas, Sergio


Disney Update 4/18/2018

Housekeeping Items

    Don't forget that you have until THIS FRIDAY to have your grades in line.

As you have read in your survival guides, you need a plain BLACK shirt to wear under your uniform. If you have not done so yet, we need your band shoes at the school and in your uniform bag by TOMORROW. Also, please do not show up without BLACK SOCKS. We will be checking.

The following people have not turned in the forms that were due on April 11th

Arias, Victor
Begay, Cheyenne
Bucher, Jasmine
Carlisle, Charles
Davis, Asia
Gray, Eliyah
Gray, Maia
Hach, Ethan
Hach, Jill
Melvin-Ornelas, Alysia
Mendez-Gibson, Marcus
Pacheco-Lazaro, Jesus
Pacheco, Jonathan
Raimey, Emily
Raimey, Kelsi
Soto Hernandez, Luz
Uribe, Yesica
Vargas, Sergio
Webster, Nathan

These must be handed in TOMORROW!


3/29/2018 Disney Update

FastPass+ Scheduling

    Good evening. I hope you are enjoying your well-earned break! While you are setting up your FastPass+ schedule please keep the following check-in times and locations in mind: 

Friday 4/27 (Hollywood Studios)

  • Noon-check-in at large Mickey Hat
  • 3:00PM-meet at Large Mickey Hat
    (transport to Animal Kingdom)
  • 8:00PM-check-in at the Tree of Life and then the group will watch the Rivers of Light show.

Saturday 4/28 (Magic Kingdom)

  • Start planning rides after 11:00am
  • 5:00PM-check-in at the sword in the stone behind Cinderella's Castle
  • 8:45PM-check-in at a location TBD and watch the Happily Every After Evening Show Together

Sunday 4/29 (Epcot)

  • Schedule rides after 12:30PM
  • 4:00PM-check-in at the big sphere
  • 8:15PM check-in at the big sphere and then the group will watch Illuminations: Reflections of Earth.

*When you are setting up ride times, please leave yourself time to check-in at meeting locations ON TIME!

** You can find the meeting locations on the Disney App

***Many of you added me to your groups for FastPass+ and I cannot possibly ride with 20 different groups, so I am going to remove myself from all of your groups. Please do not be offended. It's not you, it's me.  



2/19/2018 Updates


  • We still have many uniform parts and duffle bags missing. You have until THIS Friday to bring both back or we will have to bill you for the missing items. The of missing uniform parts is attached below.

Disney Information

  • Don't forget your 4th trip payment is due THIS FRIDAY (2/23/18). We are in the final stretch for trip payments. 

  • The MANDATORY parent meeting is next Wednesday (2/28/18) at 6pm in the Harvey Cafeteria. Students are not required to attend, but I encourage you to go. I WILL NOT take you out of state without personally seeing your parent/guardian at this meeting. There will be a translator present and forms can be translated and sent home en Español upon request. 
    We will be passing out permission slips, medical forms, survival guides, Spaghetti Dinner tickets, and other important trip information at this meeting ONLY. I will not give you forms at school! I will ONLY give them to your parent/guardian at the meeting! 

  • I have attached updated dates below. 

    -Mr. Jones


Missing Uniform Parts

Important Dates